Vacation Industry, Las Vegas Area Courses Affected

LAS VEGAS, NV - With the number of injured, dead, and missing on the rise in New York City and Washington D.C., and the country mounting a $40 billion war effort against terrorism, thoughts of the golf and travel industry's future vitality have faded almost completely into the background.

If and when the U.S. is able to complete a successful campaign against the perpetrators of the Attack on America, thoughts will return to restoring some normalcy to citizen's lives. Then - and only then - will Americans be able to reprioritize recreational events such as Major League Baseball, college football, and golf.

Eventually, American peacetime industry will have to come to grips with how the horrific events of September 11 will affect the way they do business, and perhaps more importantly, the impacts the Attack on America will have on profits.

Already, the country's airlines and insurance industries have come under intense financial pressure that could force a number of companies into bankruptcy. As the stock market reopened on Monday morning, the several airlines saw dramatic drops in their market value. The golf and travel industry is closely tied to the airline industry.

Before the attacks on September 11, the golf industry was already suffering from a lagging U.S. economy that has resulted in decreased rounds played. Given the circumstances, it is unlikely that the economy will rebound this year.

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