Transportation study examines distance to Las Vegas courses

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Western Taxi Company announced the results of an independent transportation study, which provides mileage and average fares to 29 area golf courses. The study was undertaken in response to the growing number of tourists requesting information about area golf courses from local taxi and limousine drivers.

Las Vegas National
Las Vegas National is one of the closest courses from center Strip.
Las Vegas National

"We undertook this study to aid our drivers in responding to the dramatic increase in tourist seeking information about golfing," said Western Cab Company spokesperson Zachary Moran. "We think this increase is partially due to the broadening consumer appeal of Las Vegas and the marketing efforts of the Las Vegas' top golf course operators to attract golfers from out-of-market and legitimize Las Vegas as a golf destination."

The study was conducted from center Strip (the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard South) to the 29 courses. The results of the study shows that average round-trip mileage ranges from a low of 4.8 miles to the Bali Hai Golf Club to a high of almost 83 miles to the courses in Primm Valley. Average roundtrip fares for the closest five courses averaged $28.56.

The closest courses were Bali Hai Golf Club, Las Vegas National Golf Club, Stallion Mountain Country Club, Desert Pines Golf Club and Royal Links Golf Club. This is compared to over $100 for the five courses furthest from center Strip. The five furthest courses were PrimmValley, Las Vegas Paiute, Boulder City, Reflection Bay at Lake Las Vegas, and Cascata. Taxis were sent to each course and back and those findings were compared against actual fares over various times of day and days of the week

Of the five closest, and therefore least expensive to reach courses, four are owned and operated by Walters Golf. "We knew our properties were more convenient for hotel guests and this certainly proves it," said Joe Kelly, Vice President of Operations for Walters Golf. "This is a real asset to our hotel partners and their guests as they can come to our properties and return to their hotel in much less time than the hour or so it takes to drive to some of the outlying courses."

With a more value conscience tourist, who seems to have has less time to do all the things they want to do in Las Vegas, this transportation study provides a valuable tool for local transportation and tourism professionals. The complete study can be obtained by contacting, Zachary Moran at Western Cab Company, 801 South Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, (702) 382-7100.

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