Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf, set to air on CBS June 28, 29

LAS VEGAS - For anyone who's ever said "I'd bet anything I can make this putt," now there's a golf tournament to prove it. The Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf combines the skill of golf with the wagering savvy of poker to create an event that has been called the most innovative golf format since the Skins Game. The second annual tournament took place at Paiute Golf Resort in May and will be broadcast on CBS television Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29 as the lead-in program to the 2008 Buick Open.

2008 World Series of Golf
CBS Sports will broadcast the Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29 as the lead-in program to the Buick Open.
2008 World Series of Golf'08 World Series of Golf - Paiute

A television sports special presentation that features all the thrills of golf with the intrigue of a reality program, the two one-hour episodes chronicle the field of 80 amateur golfers as they come to Las Vegas to vie for $250,000 top prize over a three-day event of great golf, over-the-top parties and total VIP treatment.

"The Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf is about the characters of the game, and our television broadcast will highlight this unique group of personalities," said Terry Leiweke, president of The Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf. "The players in our event are golfers that any average guy can relate to. They talk trash, they love to gamble, and on any given day, they could drain a 20-foot putt with some real money on the line."

This is the next generation of golf programming - read: it ain't boring.

The Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf offers countless compelling real-life stories of golfers to whom everyone can empathize. These aren't the spoiled rich kids of the game, but rather the players who - regardless of skill - infuse the sport with passion, love and life. These are the guys who have slept in their cars for the chance to catch a tee-time at Torrey Pines, players who know the agony of having aced a par-3 while playing as a single, golfers whose knees knock when standing over a 4-foot putt with 20 bucks on the line. These real people are real characters, each with stories that resonate with avid golfers, gambling fans and the average television viewer.

In addition, tune in to see some actors, athletes and poker pros that signed up for this exciting format. There are poker pros who know their way around a wager, but still sometimes shank a pitching wedge from 110 yards. These familiar faces add to the intrigue of the tournament and heighten the excitement as Weekend Warriors get the chance to call the bluff of gambling legends, or suffer the agony of being bested by some of the premier gamblers in the world.

The field included high-profile participants such as:

• Ray Romano, actor ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), comedian
• John Daly, TV personality ("Real TV")
• Phil Gordon, world-class poker pro, author and television host
• Phil Ivey, five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner
• Tom Schneider, 2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year
• Daniel Negreanu, two World Poker Tour titles
• Rhett Butler, 2006 World Series of Poker main event 5th-place finisher
• Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, 2000 World Series of Poker Champion
• Erick Lindgren, 2004 World Series of Poker Player of the Year
• Dusty Allen, former major league baseball player
• Emily Jillette, wife of magician Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller)

Blending an intriguing and innovative play format with a collection of golfers that possess diverse backgrounds and engaging personalities creates a sporting event that is part golf tournament, part reality show. The colorful antics of compelling characters propel the broadcast and leave the viewer truly engaged in the program because the average golfer is watching at home thinking "hey, that guy is just like me."

The Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf combines the wagering format of Texas Hold 'Em with the skill of golf in a patent-pending format that allows for high-stakes to ride on each golf hole. Players ante up on each tee, then can bet, raise, call, check or fold on each subsequent shot. The object of the game is not to shoot the lowest golf score, but rather to claim the pot on each hole, eventually eliminating your opponents by winning all of their chips. With a $10,000 buy-in, the event attracted amateur golfers from all across the United States and Canada. Participants represented all walks of life ranging from private equity investors and Las Vegas high-rollers to electricians and construction contractors.

The Full Tilt Poker.net World Series of Golf has engaged in a multi-year domestic U.S. broadcast partnership with network television's sports leader, CBS Sports. It airs Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29. Check local listings for times.

For entrance registration and additional information, see www.WorldSeriesOfGolf.com.

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