Golf Instruction & Tips

Towel drill

Towel drill can help eliminate the dreaded 'flying elbow' for a better golf swing

Countless students come to me with a very common problem - "the flying elbow," or as it is also commonly referred to as "the chicken wing." Whether you have issues on your takeaway or your follow through, a flying elbow will rob your swing of consistency and power. I use a simple drill called the "Towel Drill" to train students on how their arms should sequence with their body and to train proper forearm rotation.
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Putting line tip

Improved eye lines mean improved putting

What is more important: reading the green or seeing the line? Reading the break and speed of the green is a critical aspect of making more putts, but if you cannot consistently see the line you intend the ball to roll on, made putts are more accident than skill. In order to accurately see the line, you must first establish exactly where your eye line is.
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Mindset Training

The mindset of great golfers

A key distinction between golfers who improve and those who don't is their mindset. The peak performance mindset includes confidence, mental toughness, and thriving under pressure on the golf course. Unfortunately most golfers focus on just practicing the physical side of golf.
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