Mesquite's Kodak moments: The most picturesque golf holes in Mesquite, Nevada

By Bill Bowman, Contributor

MESQUITE, Nev. -- It's not often you stand on a tee box and grab your camera before reaching for a golf club, but it does happen. Here are six golf holes from the Golf Mesquite Nevada group that will have you saying "wow" and snapping off a couple of photos before teeing off.

Coral Canyon Golf Course - hole 6
Miss the sixth green at Coral Canyon Golf Club and you're reloading.
Coral Canyon Golf Course - hole 6Championship Course at Sand Hollow Golf Resort - hole 12Conestoga Golf Club - hole 2Conestoga Golf Club - No. 2Falcon Ridge Golf Club - hole 12Palmer Course at Oasis Golf Club - hole 5

These holes will take your breath away as you survey golf architecture at its finest. Oh, and don't forget you still have to play the hole, so make sure to focus on the shot (the swing, not the photo).

No. 2 at Conestoga Golf Club (par 3, 188 yards)

From Conestoga Golf Club's elevated second tee, players will see a lush green perched majestically atop acres of desert. This island green (with land, rather than water providing the obstacle) is as visually enticing as it is tough. There is a bailout area short right, but everywhere else the desert will come into play. And since the front nine at Conestoga winds through desert canyons, swirling winds can also add to the difficulty of pulling the correct club.

No. 5 on the Palmer Course at Oasis Golf Club (par 5, 540 yards)

Leaving the fourth green on the Palmer Course at Oasis Golf Club, players will follow the cart path up to, seemingly, the top of the world. The fifth hole is risk/reward at its finest. From an elevated tee (a recurring theme with many of these golf holes) some 150 feet above the fairway, the hole slices between canyon walls far below. Take a moment to relish this architectural wonder before taking aim. Birdie (or eagle for the big hitters) is possible here, but the drive must find the fairway. Then, you're on your own as to whether you're going to go for it in two or play it safe.

No. 6 at Coral Canyon Golf Course (par 3, 122 yards)

The sixth hole at Coral Canyon Golf Course is just 122 yards from the tips, but don't let the distance fool you -- this can be one tough golf hole. The green is situated right in the middle of desert outcroppings, making accuracy a must. Miss this green and you're reloading -- unless you happen to hit it in the bunker that's back left. The rocky cliffs and the stark contrast of the green make for a great -- but intimidating -- view. For such a short golf hole, it can cause major trouble, but it does so with great beauty.

No. 12 at Sand Hollow Resort (par 4, 443 yards)

The 12th hole on the Championship Course at Sand Hollow Golf Resort is another of those that will have golfers shaking their heads in amazement. The narrow fairway is bright green and sits precariously on the edge of a cliff on the left side. Hit it left and your ball will come to rest a couple of hundred feet below. The length of the hole is also enhanced with a steep climb from fairway to green. But it's the view from the tee that will take your breath away -- and have you aiming to the right side of the fairway.

No. 12 at Falcon Ridge Golf Club (par 5, 525 yards)

The 12th hole at Falcon Ridge Golf Club provides another amazing view from a tee box situated some 150 feet above the fairway. There's water on both sides of the fairway and a bunker at the end of the fairway. Miss all three of these hazards and you have a chance to get home in two -- if you can land your second shot just over a pond and keep it out of a pair of bunkers guarding the green. It's as difficult a golf hole as it is beautiful.

No. 15 at Palms Golf Club (par 5, 545 yards)

Standing on the 15th tee at the Palms Golf Club, players can take a 360-degree panoramic look around at the surrounding desert landscaping and mountain ranges all around Mesquite. Then comes the tough part as they are forced to look down -- way down -- as this hole is another one with a dramatically elevated tee. The fairway, some 120 feet below, is brilliant green, and players can watch as their tee shot floats seemingly forever before landing (hopefully) in the fairway below.

There you have it, six golf holes that will challenge players with their design and impress with their views. So next time you're heading to the Mesquite area, make sure your camera's in your bag. These are shots you won't have to be fearful of taking.

Bill BowmanBill Bowman, Contributor

Bill Bowman is a Las Vegas-based writer who has more than 40 years in the sports-writing business. He's spent the past 16-plus years covering the golf scene in Vegas and has teed it up for magazine profiles with celebrities including comedian Bill Engvall, actor Jeffrey Donovan (USA's Burn Notice), ESPN personality Colin Cowherd, NASCAR's Kurt Busch, Collective Soul's Ed Roland, the Baltimore Ravens' Jonathan Ogden and many others.

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