Five reasons to head to Las Vegas for a golf vacation

By Mike Bailey, Senior Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS -- Taking a golf trip to Sin City is always about more than the golf.

Fabulous Las Vegas
The golf is good in Las Vegas, but there's so much more fun to be had after golf.
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In Las Vegas, you might take a limo to the golf course, place a bet or two on your favorite teams, get dressed for dinner and a show, hit the tables at night, then get two hours of sleep and do it all over again the next day.

Las Vegas is anything you want it to be. You can take a group of buddies and just go crazy. Or you can take your spouse, play golf in the morning and sit down to dinner and a show later.

What follows are five great reasons to plan a golf trip to Las Vegas:

1. Variety of golf courses

One of the reasons Las Vegas is a great golf destination is that there are courses for every budget and taste. For example, you can check out really good values such as Siena Golf Club or Chimera Golf Club at Tuscany. Courses such as Royal Links Golf Club and Desert Pines Golf Club defy their desert landscapes. And for the high roller (like $500), Las Vegas offers daily-fee Wynn Las Vegas and Cascata Golf Club.

2. Gambling and sports books

There's no greater gambling destination than Las Vegas with nearly $9 billion wagered in Clark County annually. From blackjack to craps to poker and slots, there are games for all visitors. Then there are the sports books, which are a source of entertainment all to themselves. Where else can you put together a teaser, a parlay or place $10 bets on 15 games and spend the whole day tracking your picks? Best of all, most of the sports books have hundreds of screens with almost every race or game -- pro or college -- televised, so you can track your action.

3. Las Vegas nightlife

Whether you had a good day or a bad day on the golf course, the day can always be capped with a night of entertainment. Whether it's Wayne Newton, Carrot Top or Cirque du Soleil, Vegas has it all. Of course, Las Vegas has plenty of dance clubs, showgirls and other venues more suited for adults. Simply put, Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world -- hands down.

4. Lavish spas

If a spa treatment is what you're looking for, you couldn't pick a better destination. Las Vegas probably has more spas than any other location in the world. In fact, the casino resorts and hotels on the Las Vegas Strip alone probably outnumber any other location. These spas are taken to the next level. From the Shiatsu massage at the Bellagio to the co-ed Roman bathhouse at the Reliquary Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas has it covered in style. It may be a little pricey, but you'll feel like a million afterward.

5. Sexy caddies

The caddie experience can take on a whole new meaning in Las Vegas. The female caddies at Royal Links and Rio Secco Golf Club bring a new and pleasant dimension to getting a little help on the golf course. You'll find Parmates at Royal Links. They're sort of like caddies, except really hot. Wearing short plaid skirts, they help you keep score and keep your cool. Never has a double bogey been so much fun. And at Rio Secco, they're called T-Mates, and these gals are actually trained to be caddies -- a double bonus. They will get yardages and help you read putts -- then many of them go back to their night jobs as showgirls.

Mike BaileyMike Bailey, Senior Staff Writer

Mike Bailey is a senior staff writer based in Houston. Focusing primarily on golf in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America with an occasional trip to Europe and beyond, he contributes course reviews, travel stories and features as well as the occasional equipment review. An award-winning writer and past president of Texas Golf Writers Association, he has more than 25 years in the golf industry. Before accepting his current position in 2008, he was on staff at PGA Magazine, The Golfweek Group and AvidGolfer Magazine. Follow Mike on Twitter at @MikeBaileyGA and Instagram at @MikeStefanBailey.

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