Tahoe Destination Guide

Tahoe Transportation

Lake Tahoe shares Reno/Tahoe International Airport and has flights daily from most major airlines. The airport is off of I-395, which runs from Northern California to Carson City. An exit onto I-395 from I-80 can bring commuters from Salt lake City and the Bay Area. From Las Vegas, however, there is no major highway. Drivers from Vegas will have to follow a combination of U.S. and state highways to reach the Reno/Tahoe area.

Tahoe FAQ

1. What does Lake Tahoe offer in the way of golf that Vegas can't?

Much like Reno, Tahoe City and the area around Lake Tahoe's major draw is a Vegas-like experience at a lower price and cooler temperature.

2. What courses best combine Tahoe's beauty with its tradition of great golf?

Edgewood Tahoe, one of the area's oldest courses, was built in 1968 and designed by George and Tom Fazio. It is set on an impressive tract of land next to the Lake. The course meanders through pine forests that line the fairways and is a favorite of celebrities that have grown familiar with it at its annual Celebrity Golf Championship. Edgewood-Tahoe Resort also offer hiking, fishing and hunting to those who chose to stay and play.

3. What is the most talked about new course in Tahoe?

The Dragon at Gold Mountain is on the California side of Lake Tahoe, and takes advantage of the gorges and vistas along the Feather River. The course is so challenging that management was recently thinking about giving hats to anyone who shot better than their handicap. This Robin Nelson-designed course runs about $120 for a round, but is still considered a must-play.

4. Where should I stay if I play The Dragon?

If you're going to play The Dragon, you should go all the way and stay at the Nakoma Resort and Spa. The Resort that is home to The Dragon was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and spares no expense. The resort and clubhouse is reminiscent of an Indian village and the food is second to none in the area. Elk and Duck Brochettes, Venison Carpaccio, Sicilian Watercress Salad and Baked Stuffed Prawns of crab and scallops are only a few of the items on the menu that make Nakoma Resort a favorite place to stay of many Tahoe visitors.

5. What makes the Lake so special?

Lake Tahoe is the biggest alpine lake in North America and the highest lake of its size in the United States. However, Lake Tahoe never freezes because of a constant movement of water from the lake's bottom to its surface. And Lake Tahoe's 39 trillion gallons of water are 99.9% pure. A 10-inch wide white dinner plate would be visible at 75 feet underwater.