Putting tip: For more success on the greens, draw a straight line

By Earl Svenningsen, PGA, Special Contributor

An essential part of good consistent putting is to start your ball rolling end over end without any side spin. This is created by a square impact with the putterhead at a right angle to target line and the putter moving on the intended line.

Tiger Woods - U.S. Open - Putting
Tiger Woods uses the ball's markings to line up his ball on the green.
Tiger Woods - U.S. Open - Putting

At VIP Golf Academy, we work on the important scoring areas to lower your score. This easy drill will help you determine if you are creating a good roll for your putts.

With a marking pen, draw a straight line around half of your golf ball. Then aim that line at a target about six feet away. Square your putter to the line and make a stroke through to the target. If the line on the ball rolls end over end and produces a straight line and does not wiggle, you have executed a proper putting stroke. If the line wiggles, which about 90 percent of you will experience, practice until you can create a straight line. Remember square impact, proper alignment, and a consistent back and forward stroke are essential to accomplish a good rolling putt.

Many PGA Tour pros use the manufacturer's name or ball identifications that are on the side of the ball, to aim their putts. Some draw a longer line through these markings to help their focus on the line of the putt. Tiger Woods is one example - he uses the ball's markings to line up his ball on the putting green.

First learn to roll the ball consistently and create an unwavering line in practice. Then, use that line to help you aim better on the golf course.

Earl Svenningsen, PGAEarl Svenningsen, PGA, Special Contributor

Earl Svenningsen is a quarter-century member of the PGA of America. The creator of "Swing the Natural Way" instructional video, Earl has been a featured speaker at numerous PGA teaching seminars and is past Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year

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