Poor putting? Custom club-fitting can help your scoring

By Timothy Sam, PGA, Special Contributor

Every lesson plan I teach with GolfTEC includes several great features to improve each student's game. I cover each part of their golf game to ensure overall and total improvement. However, one specific area undoubtedly results in immediate improvement with measureable results. It's always exciting to work on putting with students. It's the most efficient way to immediately impact the bottom line: scoring.

Posture is important in every aspect of golf, but nowhere is it more important than in putting.

Often times, poor putting is a result of poor posture. Posture is important in every aspect of golf, but nowhere is it more important than in putting.

In order to get into correct posture with your putter, it must be the correct length for you. For most players who purchase their putters without getting fit, the putter is 35 inches long (men's standard length). For women, their putters are typically 33 - 34 inches long (women's standard lengths). Unfortunately, with putters that long, there is no way the player can get into correct posture. To accommodate the length of the putter, the player will stand too far away from the ball at address or over-bend their elbows which caused inconsistency in the path and ball contact.

The first step is to go through a thorough and complete putter fitting. I've been fitting putters for four years, and I've only fit three players into 35-inch putters or longer with the Coutour Fitting System (visit www.coutourgolf.com).

Let's explain the key ingredients to good putting posture. The first step is to ensure good balance by setting your weight evenly between the balls of your feet and your heels (not too heel heavy, not too toe heavy).

Next, I need your hands to hang down directly under your shoulders with a slight elbow bend so the arms are connected to your body at the base of your rib cage. This gives the arms the proper guide they need to deliver a consistent stroke.

Finally, your eyes must be directly over or slightly inside the target line. Once this has been accomplished I am ready to fit you to the correct putter length. Once you have a putter that is fit correctly to you with the proper weight and dynamic balance, you will feel how much easier it is to deliver a consistent stroke with repetition.

With correct posture and a putter that fits you perfectly, I will guarantee you putting success!

Timothy Sam, PGATimothy Sam, PGA, Special Contributor

Tim Sam serves as Director of Instruction and City Manager for GolfTEC in Las Vegas. He has been a part of the GolfTEC family since 2004 and a member of the PGA of America since 2003. His expertise, combined with GolfTEC's technology, provide an unparalleled lesson experience with dramatic, proven results.

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