Sick of that slice? Learn to level your hips at address

By Tim Hendry, Special Contributor

What shot in golf is hit the most by the average golfer that they absolutely despise? The slice, of course. There are many reasons why players slice the ball, but one little fix in your address position could put you on track to a better swing with no slices.

One fix in your address position could put you on track to a better swing with no slices.

The problem for a lot of players is that, at address, you have too much weight on your left side (right-handed golfer) which impedes your ability to get into a full turn and load to your right during the takeaway. This causes a reverse pivot at the top and the inability to properly rotate through impact.

The fix can be as simple leveling your hips at address. We here at GolfTEC have found through putting more than 150 tour professionals in our motion-capture harness that the hip tilt measurement at address is "0," level.

Leveling your hips at address will allow your right side to be ready to accept the load and turn of the backswing. This also will put you into a balanced starting position.

To accomplish this, use a mirror and a golf club. Place the club in front of you, parallel to the ground at your belt line. Bend forward at the hips while holding the club in place. Now check yourself in the mirror. Make sure that the club is still parallel to the ground and that you still feel balanced between both feet.

Practice this often until you can recreate the feeling on the golf course and at the range. If you have any questions regarding this tip, feel free to call me at (702) 368-4653.

Tim HendryTim Hendry, Special Contributor

Tim Hendry has been around the game of golf since 1979. He attended the Phoenix campus of The San Diego Golf Academy and graduated in 2006 as Valedictorian with an Associate Degree in Professional Golf Management/Golf Professional. He is currently in the PGA of America's apprentice program working towards full PGA membership.

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